Dental SEO

78% of local dental searches result in an office visit within 7 days

Ahh, the mysterious world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the digital alchemy that magically enables your website appear when someone utters any word relating to “dental.”

Good dental SEO is pretty darn important. It’s how people find you. How easily you are found depends on a multitude of actions, like strategic keywords, proper image naming, meta descriptions, and most importantly, good dental copy writing. Your website needs to be strategically word-crafted, back-linked, monitored and updated in order to show up when and where it needs to.


But wait, there’s more

Ok, the obvious reason for good dental SEO is to be easily found online. But it goes even further than that.

When people are searching online for a dental specialty you offer and your name shows up early and often, they are more inclined to believe that you are the “preferred choice.” As if you are being recommended by the internet. To put it simply, it builds trust. This greatly increases the likelihood of them choosing you over someone else.

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